Nonprofit Board GovernanceTraining nonprofit boards to enhance their leadership governance capacity.

Fanning works with nonprofit boards across the spectrum of budget size, paid versus volunteer staff, years incorporated, and many other features. Board governance training can be offered in a cohort based class, or individually to organizations as a retreat option. The training incorporates the basics of effective governance practices, types of board models, and how all of those relate to our model of the nonprofit lifecycle. The most effective piece of the training is learning from each other, and addressing the common board and organizational challenges.

Fanning utilizes their leadership development skills to work with nonprofit board members on a holistic approach to governance. Understanding the basic responsibilities of a board member, how that relates to bylaws, and where all of these pieces place the organization on the nonprofit lifecycle is important to increasing the leadership capacity of the organization. Board governance is essential to a thriving nonprofit organization.

For more information on the Fanning Institute approach to nonprofit board governance and ways we to help your nonprofit succeed, contact senior public service associate Maritza Soto Keen, Ph.D.