Change Leadership and Succession PlanningEnsure long-term sustainability for your organization.

Planning for CEO, executive staff, and board chair succession helps to ensure the long-term sustainability of organizations. Succession planning, a shared responsibility of the board and CEO, engages the leadership in a focused, intentional discussion on the present state of the organization, possible future challenges, and the CEO/volunteer leadership skills needed. An effective succession plan not only plans for executive leadership change but also considers what an organization would do in the case of an unexpected vacancy.

In a succession planning session, board and executive staff learn how the organizational lifecycle impacts the leadership skills and competencies needed, explore strategies to identify and cultivate potential leaders, and create a roadmap for the smooth transition of key leadership positions of executive staff and board.

For more information on the Fanning Institute approach to change leadership and succession planning, contact senior public service associate Maritza Soto Keen, Ph.D.