Community Leadership Program©Fanning community leadership programs help to develop knowledgeable, skilled, committed, and action-oriented leaders.

Participants from diverse backgrounds and different perspectives enhance their existing leadership skills and gain a better understanding of themselves and their role as community leaders.

The Community Leadership Program – a leadership skill development program for emerging leaders in communities throughout the state – is based on the 6th edition of the Fanning Institute’s Community Leadership Program and can be customized to the needs of the community.

The curriculum is divided into five modules relevant to community leadership and includes a variety of activities for each session. Each topic has a broad learning objective with specific goals. Fanning offers information that allows leaders to learn, understand, or clarify issues on a particular topic as well as apply what they have learned. In addition to the core five, other modules are available. Modules may be delivered by Fanning Institute faculty and staff or by certified CLP Facilitators.

Community Leadership Program design and technical assistance is offered to communities in all stages of program implementation. The Fanning Institute supports the development, training, evaluation and sustainability of programs through technical assistance and consultation. Communities may seek our expertise in creating new programs, in rebooting existing programs, or in providing needs assessment and evaluation.

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