Nonprofit Board and CEO Executive Leadership DevelopmentDeveloping executive leadership and board effectiveness to take your nonprofit to the next level.

Nonprofit leaders occupy unique positions in a unique field. Laden with constantly changing—and challenging—demands, executive directors and CEOs require a distinct set of skills and strong networks of support.

Fanning develops professional development curriculum for CEOs and executive directors, boards, staff, and volunteers that addresses topics relevant to nonprofit leadership and allows leaders to learn, understand, and clarify issues on relevant topics as well as apply what they have learned in a peer context.

Put Fanning Institute nonprofit experts to work for your organization. A variety of training modules are available along with customized options. Modules include the following:

  • Nonprofit Leadership, Competencies & Practices
  • Nonprofit Leadership and Life Cycles
  • The Art of Board Governance
  • Intercultural Competency, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Conflict Transformation

In addition, the Executive Leadership Program for Nonprofit Organizations (ELPNO) connects nonprofit executives with powerful skill building opportunities led by nationally recognized faculty. Participants are transformed through the immersive environment that creates a community of learning with a deep focus on personal leadership development.

For more information on the Fanning Institute approach to executive director/CEO and board development and ways we can help your nonprofit succeed, contact senior public service associate Maritza Soto Keen, Ph.D.