Over the last five years, the Fanning Institute has worked with nearly 700 organizations, providing leadership training to over 43,700 people across all of Georgia’s 159 counties and 10 states. Through the institute’s programs and services, people of all ages have built their leadership skills and learned to apply them in order to make a difference in their communities.



Community Leadership Program: The Community Leadership Program – a leadership skill development program for emerging leaders in communities throughout the state – is based on the 6th edition of the Fanning Institute’s Community Leadership Program and can be customized to the needs of the community. The curriculum is divided into five modules relevant to community leadership and includes a variety of activities for each session. Each topic has a broad learning objective with specific goals.

General Civil Mediation Training: Leaders must possess skills in conflict resolution, problem solving, negotiating, and cultural competency to re-conceptualize and manage conflict present in any community. Mediation training is for individuals who want to register as mediators in the state or who desire to master the skills of conflict resolution and problem solving.

Walnut Grove High School Student Ambassador Program: In 2015, Walnut Grove High School in Loganville, Georgia implemented the Student Steering Committee Leadership Program in partnership with the Fanning Institute. Using the institute’s Youth Leadership in Action curriculum, the program helps students develop leadership skills through a multi-phased and comprehensive approach in order to improve school climate, student achievement and behavior outcomes.


Athens Peer Court: Founded in 2012 through a collaboration with the Athens-Clarke County Juvenile Court, the Department of Juvenile Justice, law students at the University of Georgia’s Law School, and the Fanning Institute, Peer Court is a diversion program that offers first-time youth offenders a chance to have their dispositions decided by peers serving as the judge, jurors and lawyers. Middle and high school students who volunteer to serve in these roles in Peer Court receive leadership training and a chance to learn about the legal profession and public speaking.

Lynda B. Williamson Foundation Women’s Leadership Academy: Founded in 2015 in partnership with the Lynda Brannen Williamson Foundation in Statesboro, the Lynda Brannen Williamson (LBW) Women’s Leadership Academy is a program that focuses on personal leadership development to improve career, mentoring and service opportunities for women.

Middle Georgia Regional Leadership Champions: Founded in 2015 in partnership with the Middle Georgia Regional Commission, the Middle Georgia Regional Leadership Champions  program sets out to build a network of people throughout the region who appreciate the value that each community adds to the region and who develop the leadership skills to understand how they can play a role in building a stronger region by working together across geographic boundaries.


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