Innovations in Community Leadership InitiativeFanning Initiative to support leadership development in Georgia’s underserved communities

Leadership is key to Georgia’s future. Communities that provide leadership development opportunities for its citizens, across all ages, have a competitive advantage in attracting investment and opportunities for the community.

Recognizing the correlation between leadership development and economic vitality, the Fanning Institute has created the Innovations in Community Leadership Initiative (ICLI) and invites communities and organizations within underserved communities, to submit leadership projects, programs or initiatives that will serve to enhance their communities and leverage the leadership development expertise of the Fanning Institute to co-create and implement solutions to community challenges.

This initiative will provide the seed resources and training for underserved communities and organizations across Georgia that aspire to begin, restart, or revamp a leadership program.

Through the ICLI, the Fanning Institute will provide in-kind technical assistance and expert facilitation to create and implement the community or organization’s project.

Potential impact areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Community-focused, skills-based programming that focuses on community and civic engagement.
  • Leadership development for target audiences such as youth and children, minority populations/groups, women, young professionals, emerging adult leaders, people with disabilities, community health professionals, retirees/“boomers,” among other target audiences.
  • Programming that enhances workforce vitality (e.g., working with college/career academies to infuse leadership development into curricular offerings).
  • Leadership development in K-12 settings for students in the academic “middle.”
  • Leadership programs that enhance student opportunities and leadership skills.
  • Entrepreneurial leadership development to encourage business development.
  • Multi-county, regional leadership development programming.

We have extended the application deadline until June 15, 2020.

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For more information, contact Brittany Adams-Pope.