Community Leadership Program DevelopmentLeadership makes positive things happen in communities.

Fanning Institute community leadership programs help to develop knowledgeable, skilled, committed, and action-oriented leaders. Participants from diverse backgrounds and different perspectives enhance their existing leadership skills and gain a better understanding of themselves and their role as community leaders.

Fanning community leadership programs are designed to:

  • identify emerging and existing leaders,
  • increase their knowledge, skills, and attitudes about leadership, and
  • demonstrate how strong leadership can support a community in reaching its goals.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing customized training in leadership development to communities throughout Georgia;
  • Offering technical assistance to existing community leadership development programs and to communities that want to start these programs;
  • Conducting community-wide scans and audits of leadership vitality;
  • Developing and delivering next-level programs for graduates of leadership development programs;
  • Partnering with existing statewide leadership organizations such as the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Georgia, and others to increase our reach to new audiences.

For more information on Fanning community leadership development or to tailor a program for your community, contact

Virtual Leadership Resources

Developing Community and Youth Leaders in Unprecedented Times

  • This downloadable pdf highlights themes gathered from conversations with adult and youth leadership program coordinators


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