Youth Leadership In Action©A multiphase, comprehensive and scalable approach to leadership development for youth.

Engaging Youth Online: Helping youth stay engaged with each other and their communities online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Every young person has leadership potential.

This is a belief that commits the Fanning Institute to provide leadership training and development to youth across Georgia and beyond through its Youth Leadership in Action© curriculum. With objectives to build individual leadership skills, foster positive group dynamics, and increase civic and community involvement, the curriculum has a simultaneous concentration on both youth development and youth leadership, two critical principles to the successful transition from adolescence to adulthood.

This program develops youth community leaders through the acquisition of leadership skills and knowledge about the community.

Another distinctive component of Youth Leadership in Action is the connection to the seven leadership principles inspired by the teachings of Dr. J.W. Fanning. These principles are integral to the behavior and mindset of effective leaders and are integrated into every aspect of the leadership activities.

Designed for youth of all ages, this comprehensive program develops youth leaders, in Kindergarten through 12th grade, through the acquisition of leadership and citizenship skills. Through hands-on activities and real-life leadership opportunities, Youth Leadership in Action will:

  • Provide youth with a foundation of leadership understanding;
  • Equip youth with the skills needed to become leaders;
  • Cultivate the desire to be community leaders;
  • Increase self-efficacy in becoming civically engaged; and
  • Assist youth in developing the confidence to act in their schools, neighborhoods, counties, or any “community” in which they are part.

Youth Leadership in Action: Career Leadership (High School)

The Youth Leadership in Action: Career Leadership Curriculum is designed for youth in 9th-12th grades. The curriculum consists of eight, stand-alone modules that can be tailored to specific groups. It can be used in its entirety or broken up and used as needed. The eight modules provided in the curriculum are:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Appreciating Differences
  • Building Teams
  • Managing Conflict
  • Setting Goals and Making Decisions
  • Mapping Your Community
  • Exercising Community Leadership

Youth Leadership in Action: Foundations of Leadership (Elementary School)

The Youth Leadership in Action: Foundations of Leadership is designed for classroom use, for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The curriculum consists of two activity guides, 1) Primary Grades (K-2) and 2) Elementary Grades (3-5). Each activity guide is made up of 25 lessons, divided into five separate modules. The modules are:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Communication
  • Awareness of Self and Others
  • Citizenship
  • Taking Action

Each activity in the primary and elementary guides is correlated to the English/Language Arts Georgia Standards of Excellence. The curriculum was piloted in the Colquitt County School System during the 2015-2016 school year.

For more information, contact public service associate Lauren Healey or visit the Youth section of the website.

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