Facilitation and Facilitation TrainingEnhancing leadership facilitation skills to strengthen your message.

The Fanning Institute’s approach to facilitation is based in adult learning and experiential educational theories. Effective facilitation skills involve active learning on the part of the instructor and the participants. The Fanning Institute’s approach is based in the mastery of self, relationships, and action. The training provides participants with skills to understand the basics of adult leadership theories and how they can be applied to group process and facilitation skills.

The training is customizable to the needs of the group, but may cover the following:

  • Discuss basic adult learning principles and best practices;
  • Review experiential learning theory;
  • Identify a variety of icebreaker initiatives and team building activities;
  • Learn a series of collaborative decision making and strategic planning techniques;
  • Discuss complementing the use of technology within facilitated meetings.

Virtual Facilitation Webinar

Contact public service associate Brendan Leahy, Ed.D. to learn more or discuss your facilitation training needs.


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