ELPNO was a wonderful opportunity to meet with like-minded nonprofit business people and to be exposed to the wide variety of issues facing the nonprofit community. The program provided me with insights that I would not have otherwise had.

My horizons were broadened by the ELPNO experience. It helped me see that I am not just a leader within my own division or department but for the agency enterprise-wide.

Donna Denman
Director of Agency Learning & Development
Goodwill of North Georgia


ELPNO was a tremendous help in my career development. It happened to be perfect timing for me to have the luxury of dedicated space, time, and peers to spending thinking about my hopes and plans for the future.

Jon West
Vice President of Programs
Atlanta Community Food Bank


ELPNO came at a perfect time in my professional growth and development. It provided strategies connections and tools that can really help me take my next step as a non-profit executive. It also helped me clarify the path I wanted to take in my career. It was great. Thank you!

Courtney Bugler
Executive Director
Greater Metro Atlanta Young Survival Coalition


The program provided a rigorous and balanced curriculum with outstanding industry leaders in an approachable setting. I have and will continue to apply my learnings from ELPNO in my work.

Kevin Lynch
Director of Development
ToolBank USA


The ELPNO program provided me with access to national and regional experts … The content could not have been more thoughtfully structured. The nonprofit community, perhaps more than any other community, is starved for capable, thoughtful, and strategic leaders. The ELPNO program offers our nonprofit community a real chance to ensure we are developing a base of leaders who will ensure our sector is not malnourished.

Greg Gerhard
formerly the Director of Grantmaker Education and Strategic Partnerships
Southeastern Council of Foundations


ELPNO empowered me as a leader to step out of my area of expertise and grow with the help of a strong class of fellow nonprofit leaders. I gained invaluable knowledge and expertise that I will invest back into my organization.

Eileen Price
In The City Camps


Bringing this group together through the ELPNO experience will expand our work by giving us ideas that will not only help us advance personally, but also benefit our organizations. I received valuable knowledge from people that I needed to hear at this point in my career, but had not been exposed to.

Steven Mueller
Operations Director
Georgia Mountain Food Bank


It was great to connect with peers that are also in our role. Nonprofit leaders need a sense of community because the work can be lonely sometimes. ELPNO helped me to see myself the way that others see me. I will take away so much from this community and this curriculum.

Jewell Gooding
Executive Director
Mental Health America of Georgia


I was beyond surprised and grateful to find that the UGA ELPNO was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I learned more in one week at ELPNO of what is expected of me as an executive director than I had in a year at my job. I walked away with more confidence and excitement in what I get to do. I am excited to be able to implement the information I gained into my organization and help take us to another level. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to attend ELPNO.

Melissa Ehrhardt
Executive Director
Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House


Staff members who have completed the program come back with a new outlook on their work. They have a deeper understanding of the nonprofit landscape and how Goodwill fits into it. There is also no denying the impact of the personal development piece of ELPNO. I highly encourage other organizations to take full advantage of what ELPNO provides. Rarely do you come across a program that offers the depth of content this program does.

Elaine Armstrong
Vice President of Marketing
Goodwill of North Georgia

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