The J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development has two new tools to assist clients as we work to strengthen communities and organizations through leadership development, training, & education – executive coaching and Real Colors facilitation.

Matt Bishop, Fanning Institute director, is excited to add this expertise, “Having faculty certified in executive coaching and Real Colors both broadens our expertise and provides additional leadership developmet tools to the communities and organizations we work with.”

Faculty Maritza Soto Keen and Louise Hill completed executive coach certification and are both designated as a Certified Sherpa Coach (CSC). Executive coaching is a tool and process used for individual leadership development and change management. Specifically, coaches work with individual clients in changing business behavior: that is, setting expectations, improving communication, and addressing specific nonproductive behavior. Fanning Institute coaching faculty work to identify specific problem areas while encouraging individual strengths. Candidates for coaching include leaders and managers with supervisory and project responsibilities, individuals transitioning to a new position, new managers, and emerging leaders. The process includes a preliminary meeting with the client’s manager to better understand the goal/issue of the engagement. Coaching takes place within a specified, agreed upon time table, through a combination of in-person meetings, videoconferencing and phone calls.

Faculty Lauren Healey and Lori Tiller are certified to facilitate Real Colors assessments. Real Colors is a personality assessment tool based on the research of Myers-Briggs and David Kiersey. The tool was created to simplify personality and learning theory from the 16 types of Myers-Briggs to four categories. Assessment results are easy to remember and apply. Since 1993, more than 1.5 million people in businesses, professional organizations, universities, and government agencies throughout North America have used Real Colors and its principles to improve and enhance their personal and professional relationships. The instrument has an adult and youth version to use for leadership development. Healey and Tiller will conduct workshops to teach others how to discover their own personal strengths, recognize the strengths of others, communicate and interact more effectively, and understand and appreciate the value of other viewpoints.

The Fanning Institute is pleased to add executive coaching and Real Colors facilitation to our offerings. For more information on these and other ways we can assist your community or organization, please contact