Inclusion at the Core Leadership Certificate ProgramEquipping leaders to build more diverse, equitable and inclusive communities and organizations

The inclusive leader employs vigilance, care, and intention to perceive and then address what might be getting in the way for others around them. Inclusion is a core leadership competency that involves leaders bringing people together with different personalities, backgrounds, mindsets, and ways of working in a way that allows everyone to contribute the best of their human potential. In return, communities and organizations unleash the power of diverse collaboration and create environments where everyone can thrive.

The J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development has more than 30 years of legacy in developing leaders of all ages, in every community, from all walks of life. The Inclusion at the Core Leadership Certificate Program invites leaders to participate in an intensive leadership development program to develop this core leadership competency. Building on the Mastery of Self, Relationships, and Action framework, the program includes three modules where participants will:

  • Deep dive into the foundations and traits of inclusive leaders
  • Enhance relationships from the inside out
  • Be strategic about inclusion
  • Participate in 90-day follow-up coaching sessions, one-to-one with J.W. Fanning faculty

For more information, contact Maritza Soto Keen, Ph.D.


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