George A. Papandreou, Former Prime Minister of Greece (2009-2011), and Ajay Bramdeo, African Union Ambassador to the European Union working, have joined the list of headliners at the upcoming annual global conference of the International Leadership Association (ILA), The Dynamics of Inclusive Leadership, November 2-5, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta.

More than 1,200 leadership coaches and consultants, educators and students, scholars and researchers, and public leaders and executives will attend the conference, sharing the latest leadership research, best practices, and pedagogy. The ILA’s annual global conference brings people together across sectors, across disciplines, across borders in the spirit of learning from one another in order to create more integrated leadership thinking, practices, and solutions that can positively impact our complex global environment.

The theme of this year’s conference, The Dynamics of Inclusive Leadership, is timely considering the state of global affairs and the growing intolerance of difference, tribalism and isolationism, dehumanization and demonization of those who are different, and the shrugging off of injustices around the world. The ILA’s values of Inclusion, Impact, Integrity, Interconnection, Interdisciplinary, and International Perspectives, actively work against these inward turning trends, promoting healthy leadership for the greater good worldwide. It is these values that inform the upcoming annual global conference in Atlanta.

As 21st century leaders, Papandreou and Bramdeo understand the challenges facing leaders today and will speak to those challenges in their keynote addresses. Papandreou led Greece during the Eurozone crisis in 2010 and Bramdeo is one of the key players navigating issues of migration between Africa and Europe. Previously announced keynote speakers at the conference include Derreck Kayongo, a leadership entrepreneur who grew up in strife ridden Uganda who now serves as CEO of the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, and internationally renowned leadership guru Ronald Heifetz from the Kennedy School at Harvard University.

The conference will also feature Barbara Kellerman and Gill Robinson Hickman, who will each be honored with the ILA’s Lifetime Achievement Award for their respective accomplishments in advancing the field of leadership. A highly sought after speaker, Kellerman recently ranked 13th in a list of the World’s Top 30 Management Professionals (Global Gurus) and frequently contributes to news outlets across the globe. Robinson Hickman wrote two of the first textbooks on organizational leadership and was an inaugural faculty member at the Jepson School of Leadership Studies,

A diverse array of international plenary speakers, 200+ sessions, and the city of Atlanta itself, with its rich history, promises both a thought-provoking and an action-provoking conference. The conference opens Wednesday afternoon, November 2nd, with a plenary address followed by a, “Drum Majors for Justice March or Ride to the Center for Civil and Human Rights,” where attendees will enjoy access an welcome reception featuring refreshments and entertainment by the ConunDrums, Atlanta’s all women percussion ensemble, playing West African rhythms.

This year, UGA’s J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development is a conference sponsor, and one of our senior faculty members, Janet Rechtman, is the conference chair. Conference registration is now open. To register or learn more about the International Leadership Association’s 18th annual global conference, The Dynamics of Inclusive Leadership, please explore our conference website at