More than 1300 people from 36 countries gathered in Atlanta earlier this month to explore the Dynamics of Inclusive Leadership at the 18th Annual Global Conference of the International Leadership Association. Fanning faculty and conference chair Janet Rechtman and National Center for Civil and Human Rights Executive Vice President and Fanning Advisory Board member Deborah Richardson opened the conference and led a march to the center for the opening reception.

Conference chair Janet Rechtman said in her conference welcome, “As technology lifts up diverse voices, identity and pride claim their due, and people who study, teach, and practice leadership commit to an honest appraisal of what it takes to create a better world.”

Fanning faculty Emily Boness served as Logistics Chair for the international event. In addition, six Fanning faculty were featured as moderators and presenters.

  • The Dynamics of Inclusion in the Executive Leadership of Nonprofit Organziations; Maritza Soto Keen, moderator
  • Examining Cultural Contexts in Leadership Development: Latina Leaders: Leadership Practices and Negotiating Cultures; Carolina Darbisi, presenter
  • First, Focus on the Educational Institution: Fostering Leadership to Action Among Higher Education Professionals; Lori Tiller, presenter
  • Inclusive Leadership for Community Development: The Role of Risk Propensity in the Dynamics of Inclusive Community Leadership; Rich McCline and Brandy Walker, presenters
  • Put Your Leadership Cards of the Table! Q Sort and Real-time Analysis of Leadership Styles; Brandy Walker, presenter
  • Scaling up Statewide Community Leadership Georgia LEADS: Exploring a Statewide Leadership Engagement Effort; Lori Tiller and Matt Bishop, presenters