Athens Peer Court is a voluntary diversion program available to youth who have been arrested of misdemeanor offenses. Examples of the types of offenses APC accepts are shoplifting, trespassing, marijuana possession and curfew violation. If your case has been selected for Athens Peer Court, you will be informed with a letter sent from the Department of Juvenile Justice. Our process gives you the opportunity to take responsibility for your actions while providing you with a chance to tell your story. Trained high school students serve as the advocates, judge and jury in the hearings.

If you are scheduled for Athens Peer Court, you will meet your advocates on the day of the hearing and they will let you know what to expect. Please remember to

  • Arrive at the courthouse at 5:30
  • Wear nice clothes (no shorts or t-shirts)
  • Bring in your parking pass so that we can validate your parking

Once you have received your disposition (such as community service or writing an essay), you have 60 days to complete the disposition. If you have have been assigned jury duty, please arrive at 5:45 on the date of our next hearing. We have hearings scheduled each week. If you would like to confirm your attendance, you can call or text 706-229-6266.

Upon completion of your disposition, you are invited to be part of Athens Peer Court! Please consider joining us!



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